Terms of Service

Refund Policy

If within the first 30 days you are not fully satisfied, you will be provided with a full refund as

long as a minimum of 15 SMS text messages/emails have been sent requesting reviews from

the Review Hero platform within the first 24 days of service. We’re not happy if you’re not


Nature of Use

Review Hero must not be used for “gaming” reviews. Review Hero is intended to be

transparent, still allowing customers to leave any type of review online or offline, regardless of

the nature of feedback. Misrepresenting their offline feedback as an online review is strictly

prohibited and can result in Review Hero service being revoked. Review Hero is intended to

produce more online reviews which may include positive, neutral, or unhappy reviews by giving

the reviewers an easy method to do so. Offering incentives in exchange for a review is strictly

prohibited. All content including pictures and writing must not include any form of Pornography, Crude, Racist, Religious, Political, Sexist, Offensive, Obscene, Threatening,

Violent, Illegal activities, or insulting manner to any groups intended or not intended. This

includes any brands/companies selling products or having affiliation with Adult, Drug,

Religious, Political, Violent, or Abusive industries.


SMS text message and email Review Hero services are for generating reviews only. All other

business acts both legal and illegal are prohibited. This includes common communications

between company/client. Spamming is a violation of terms.


All types of malicious and non-malicious hacking and/or act of trying to access areas of Review

Hero & Millennial Edge Marketing Software and Website(s) without expressed written consent

to do so is strictly prohibited.

Responsibility Of Operator

It is the responsibility of the operator to know what each review sites’ policy, guidelines, and

Terms of Use are. Failure to follow policies and guidelines of specific review sites can result in

suspension or deletion of Your review profiles. Millennial Edge Marketing, LLC is not

responsible for any acts or omissions by You, including all forms of outcome whether they are

positive, negative, or result in damages of any kind.

Payment Terms

Purchasing Review Hero subscription service places You into an agreement that will become

effective the date that Your first payment is processed. The payment card on file is stored on

secure servers and used for payment processing only. The service will automatically renew

every month for the original amount processed until a Request for Cancellation has been


200 SMS text messages are included in the monthly Review Hero service. Overage fees are

added once the 200 text message limit has been reached. At that time all SMS text messages

over the included amount are billed at a flat rate of $10 per 100 text messages.

Request For Cancellation

A Request for Cancellation of Review Hero service must be in writing and emailed to

contactus@millennialedgemarketing.com. Processing cancellation can take up to 30 days.

Affiliation With Third Parties

All links directing to third party sites are not affiliated or endorsed by any of these companies

nor is Millennial Edge Marketing, LLC partners with them. Linking to other sites are for user

experience and ease of use.

External Data Storage Sites

We may store your data on secure servers provided by third party hosting vendors with whom

we have contracted in order to provide best in class service.

Right To Terminate Service

Millennial Edge Marketing reserves the right to deny or terminate the providing of the Review

Hero service to any client for any reason.

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